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How I Got Covid19     Contact Information

 Of course you need to know who are the people leading this quest for knowledge to save many lives. Im Bill Coughlin, a Canadian in the Vancouver area and we are a team all over the world that are working non stop.. even throughout the nights at breakneck speed to find more answers. Of course, I hesitate to give out my contact information to the world, but if that is what it takes for you to be secure in knowing our honorability and good intentions, then so be it. Of course we are always looking for more Supporter and Volunteers! Hey, if you are stuck in quarantine, you will eventually run out of good Netflix movies, so you might well come help Save The World from Covid19, 21 and 27 :)   We and the world Thank you for Sharing Your Lessons and Saving So Many Lives. Listen our the Story

  • Email covid19survivorsgroup@gmail.com 
  • Twitter.com/HowIGoCovid19
  • Facebook.com/HowIGoCovid19  pending approval from the gods
  • Youtube: How I got COVID19
  • Skype: BillCoughlin


More Survivor Stories to Come...

We are working NON-STOP to build out all the content and read and document all the stories.

If you can volunteer to help out, that would be just WONDERFUL!  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We look for many more live videos as we interview survivors.

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