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Were you infected by close contact, a big meeting, a long flight, congested commute, from restaurant dining, shopping,  parcel delivery, touching a doorknob or a handrail? Learn More     e

Yes, I really thought I was going to die!

You can not imagine how helpless one feels when you are all drugged up and on a ventilator just to get every breath!  Then you see the fear in your loved one's eyes and ask yourself .. "How did I get Infected? 

If you think you know "How I Got Covid19", then please tell us!
For example: you were doing the extreme "Stay-At-Home" program, but then you ordered food, picked up the mail or had coffee with just one friend while staying the 6-7 feet social distancing apart. Then even with gloves and with a mask on and yet you still got infected!

What on earth did you do wrong? 

Please fill out the 3-minute questionnaire. With your help, we will collate all the #HowIGotCovid19 surveys and be able to determine some of the highest risk causes of Covid19 infections.
Your story could help save your family, friends and millions in our global community. Click here      e

Survivor Stories

Please take the survey and save many lives  

Welcome to the Covid19 Survivor Group. I'm Bill Coughlin and I am a 67 years old and have survived  3 rounds of cancer. Subsequently I have a compromised immune system putting me in that high risk category. I and millions like me need your 3 minutes to complete a survey. I really want to learn for those like you or someone that you may know that has already caught the Coronavirus. Your lessons on how you got infected would really help us identify the high risk activities and best practices to stay safe..We all thank you in advance for your caring!  Click Here        e